Cross Season will soon be here!

Sven remounting
Sven Nys racing 2012 season

It’s August already and cyclocross season is only just around the corner! I’m excited that the season is here, that I’m finally free of physical problems and I might actually be able to race again this season (even if I am even worse than before). I’m also excited that I’m heading off to the Cyclocross Worlds in January, held this season at Hoogerheide in the Netherlands.

I thought I’d post the photo with this story as for me it sums up cyclocross nicely – the conditions, the intensity, the skill and balance required to race cyclocross at the highest level. The picture not only looks fantastic but you can see the madness of the sport – racing in the toughest conditions (and using a braking design that’s not changed in 40 years, until disc brakes became legal last season) that most people probably wouldn’t consider going out in or be able to complete a lap without taking a spill. You can see the excitement of the fans, roaring their hero on in the background, fuelled by a combination of beer and frites – and this is probably the best format for watching cycle racing with a short course meaning the riders will lap and pass the fans a number of times in each race.

The short and intense nature of a day of racing means that you’ll not only see the Elite men race but usually at least one other race but more likely there will be the full gamut of Juniors, Under-23s, Women and Seniors to see. Now all we need is parity in prize money for the men and women and we’ll be all set for some awesome racing for the next 10 years. Who wants to bet on a British World Cyclocross champion in that time too?

Yes, this picture is a¬†progressional¬†shot, not taken by me. Unfortunately it’s been sat on my laptop for months and I have no idea where I acquired it. If you know, or it’s yours and you’d like me to remove it, please drop us a line at Thanks.