It’s interesting that snow has once again come to the UK and, whilst there is some disruption, it’s not exactly a major crisis.

Here in the north, there’s less fuss and people are getting on with things. People want services to be working, the bus routes gritted etc. but there’s no sign of panic buying of supplies and the like.

One thing that doesn’t often seem to considered though – maybe a lot of people just like the break and the change from the daily grind?

It’s nearly Easter…

…and I’m already fed up with the sheer number of “things” being marketed to me. It’s an endless rolling advertising frenzy now throughout the year, with barely a letup. Coming hot on the heels of Christmas and New Year, it’s not long before the adverts for Valentine’s Day appear (not forgetting it’s preceded by Burns Night for the Scots), quickly followed by Shrove Tuesday, St Patrick’s Day and then Mothering Sunday.

It would be nice if there was at least a brief period where we were not being bombarded with advertising for the next big event we really must by cards, gifts and food for – and if you don’t, you are (of course) a Really Bad Person.

They have ruined everything they’ve managed to get their hands on. They’ve managed to get their hands on everything, ruined everything – seized it, ruined it, and carried on in this way until they have achieved complete victory, so that it is one long triumphal march of seizing and ruining…


Just Deserts?

So the British Open golf championship attracted fewer spectators than expected. I would like to think this is because people didn’t want to give money to a tournament held at a course that does not allow women to be members.


A couple of Sunday afternoons ago, I watched the movie Tyrannosaur. This film is something that is definitely not a fun afternoon of viewing but it is a very good film. With the two key protagonists turning in very powerful performances, this film is something that will definitely leave a lasting memory.

It’s a very simple film, that revolves around two lives that are each tough in their own differing ways and the story that brings them together. It’s a fairly straight forward story with some good twists. It’s definitely not a film to watch on your own if you’re feeling low. Peter Mullan and Oliva Colman (who has recently been on British terrestrial TV staring in the excellent Broadchurch mini-series) portray these lead roles but there is also a strong supporting cast including Eddie Marsan that results in believable supporting characters without them stealing the show.

I’m not going to say any more because I don’t want to give any of the plot and story away. Suffice to say, watch it.



So last night I watched the Dario Argento movie Suspiria on DVD. It’s a horror film from the mid 70s and something of a classic. There’s an intense soundscape throughout the film and the sets are awash with bright, bold colours. Definitely worth seeing for the sound and sets alone, but it is entertaining too.

It’s just a shame the audio mix isn’t more consistent – the levels are all over the place. That’s the only real negative with this DVD movie and apparently the same sound problem exists on the blu-ray.

I hope you like your blood thick and bright! Enjoy…