I’m going to get myself deported

This election is making me want to leave the country.

Driving down the A34, passing houses draped in UKIP posters, the bookshop … the fucking bookshop! … round the corner from my house has a 3 page article pinned on the shop doorway urging Britain’s to vote UKIP in order to make Britain great again.

What the hell is wrong with people? Why can’t we see the real enemy? Except … this surge in support for UKIP actually starts to suggest that people are starting to train their sights on the true culprits for this absolute mess we find ourselves in during the foul year of our lord 2015. Not the people who are voting for UKIP rather than BNP. There probably isn’t much that can be done for them. However, a number of people give their reason for voting UKIP as that they are sick of the political class, they want to shake things up. This instinct is absolutely correct. Unfortunately we live in a country where a middle-aged, white male, employed by Rupert Murdoch and until recently the BBC, who counts the prime minister as a personal friend, can be seen as some sort of figure of rebellion. It isn’t surprising that our notions of how to shake-up the status quo are a little off.

To make it quite clear, a vote for UKIP is a vote for the establishment. Funded by billionaires (Richard Desmond, owner of the Daily Express, hasn’t given his journalists a pay rise since 2008 has donated £1.3 million pounds to UKIP, evidence to anyone that it isn’t immigrants keeping wages down it is greedy owners), and with a core of candidates and members drawn from a lifetime in the Conservative party, city banking, and wealthy landowners, a vote for UKIP is, with apologies to Elton John, a vomit directly into a strong wind. For 99% of people who vote for UKIP, a UKIP government would literally be the worst thing that could happen for them. Maybe by the 2020 election they will have figured this out and we can start having a sensible debate about politics in this country? Maybe, but I am not optimistic. Race, Europe and immigration appear to be three topics that will always lie outside of rational political discourse in this creche of a country.

Not that any of the other parties are exactly making a compelling case for voting for them. Anyone who votes for Liberal Democrats frankly deserve everything they have coming to them. David Cameron’s campaign must rank as one of the worst of all time. When the SNP win a massive majority in Scotland and call another referendum in 5 years time – which they will win – you can blame the break-up of the union on a prime minister who has spent much of the last few weeks telling the world that any government that is made up of votes from a quarter of the kingdom would be illegitimate. It is an act of unprecedented constitutional recklessness that is being supported by a mainstream media that is increasingly not seeing the need to even try and dress up the fact that they are essentially the cheerleaders for the Conservative party. I mean, does the Telegraph even read the nonsense that the Conservative press team feed them or do they just print it verbatim?

As for Labour, well, they haven’t been quite as disappointing as I thought, but that really is setting the bar pretty low. Out of a bad bunch they would almost certainly cause the least damage, but they are still so wedded to the false rhetoric of austerity that all they really have to offer is diet tory. Where are the progressive policies on environment, transport, housing and wages that we need so desperately? If Murdoch really isn’t so important any more, where are the policies that would make the old bastard’s blood boil? Labour still seems to be trying to keep a foot in tory territory. Fuck privatisation. There’s a winning campaign slogan for you right there Ed, but we all know you’ll never say it.

Politicians have too much invested in keeping the show turning and to hell with the rest of us. Which is why I understand that impulse that makes people think of voting for UKIP, but you wouldn’t shit in your bed out of choice and then settle down for your 8 hour sleep in it, and voting for UKIP would be worse and would enable more of their racist, sexist, homophobic bullshit, so please don’t do it. 99% of us are in it together. We should concentrate our anger on the 1%, the elites, the corporations, the troika, the political classes, and UKIP are ball deep in with them. Whoever wins this election, our work is only just beginning.


It’s interesting that snow has once again come to the UK and, whilst there is some disruption, it’s not exactly a major crisis.

Here in the north, there’s less fuss and people are getting on with things. People want services to be working, the bus routes gritted etc. but there’s no sign of panic buying of supplies and the like.

One thing that doesn’t often seem to considered though – maybe a lot of people just like the break and the change from the daily grind?

Bumbling idiot act broken

So Boris Johnson has finally allowed the act he’s been playing for some time to slip and and the real Boris Johnson has been nicely exposed by Eddie Mair. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person – everyone got to see just how nice on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th March. You can watch the interview courtesy of the BBC in the UK. Other countries might need a bit of searching to watch it.

I think such an occurance has surely been coming for some time. I find it difficult to believe that someone who is really such a bumbling idiot could have maneuvered to such a position as Mayor of London. Perhaps the real scenario is that’s the technique that Boris has always used to deflect attention from the reality of what he’s really like – a personality that seems much more suited to his political success. I could, of course, be wrong and I frequently am but it will be interesting to see what the fallout is.

It’s some time now since the incident occurred and Boris seems to have been somewhat quieter than usual – possibly drowned out by the furore surrounding the death of Margaret Thatcher although it might also be because he seems to have pissed off to the US. Long may he stay there but I expect he’ll be back, particularly as the ‘bad news’ has probably been buried.

Standard Government Policy: De-regulate, Disaster, Shrug

The title of this post is shamelessly lifted from a radio program I listened to on the way home from work last week. And it’s absolutely right, that’s standard government policy. I don’t just mean the current bunch of useless tory bastards, it’s the policy of ALL political parties. All equally useless.

Compare this with the approach taken in Iceland to a recent disaster that seems to have its roots in the deregulation of the banking sector, or their sheer incompetence or maybe the faintly ridiculous idea that the economy will keep growing forever. Or maybe all three. But I’m getting distracted by another bunch of cretins, back to the point. Iceland has take a different approach to most of the rest of the western world in tackling this crisis.

I recently read an interesting post on the Icelandic situation, interesting because it highlights not only the way that the issue has been approached but also the results that are being produced by this approach. I don’t think anywhere else is seeing any positive results of any policies intended address the current situation. On the contrary, it seems as though it’s used as an excuse to push through more punitive financial measures, sell off or deregulate any remaining government properties, by a front bench comprised of millionaires who really have no concerns in the current environment.

So, as yet another budget day draws near, what’s the likelihood of any constructive policy? From everything I’ve heard so far, absolutely fuck all chance! There’s a famous quotation that to keep doing the same thing each time and expecting a different result is a sign of madness…


Jello Biafra live at the Firestation

Last night I went to see Jello Biafra’s spoken word show. He’s touring in support of his In the Grip of Official Treason 3CD spoken word release. And the show is very good, Biafra is a very good speaker, he’s interesting, engaging and charismatic, with a lot to say.

The content is superbly well put together – he clearly knows his material well. He’s also extremely comfortable with his audience, particularly given at this show – due to some kind of ‘oversight’ at the venue, Biafra had to relocate to an upstairs bar half way through his scheduled show and he was essentially just stood a few feet from the crowd in the bar talking. He’s also happy to take questions from the floor – including on the split up of the Dead Kennedys which people were still keen to ask about and hear about, even after all these years. He could have just buggered off home too, but wanted to stay and carry on the show, which is nice!

Not only is he a good speaker, he’s still got the old fire and he’s pissed off with the US government, the UK government and the war in Iraq in particular. I’m not going to go into detail, but I would urge you to go and see the show and pick up a copy of the spoken word album release whilst you’re at it. As I’ve already said, it’s very well put together and the content is very good. There’s a number of themes running through the material in the show, but the overwhelming point is Biafra’s complete distaste for the US political regime.