Jello Biafra live at the Firestation

Last night I went to see Jello Biafra’s spoken word show. He’s touring in support of his In the Grip of Official Treason 3CD spoken word release. And the show is very good, Biafra is a very good speaker, he’s interesting, engaging and charismatic, with a lot to say.

The content is superbly well put together – he clearly knows his material well. He’s also extremely comfortable with his audience, particularly given at this show – due to some kind of ‘oversight’ at the venue, Biafra had to relocate to an upstairs bar half way through his scheduled show and he was essentially just stood a few feet from the crowd in the bar talking. He’s also happy to take questions from the floor – including on the split up of the Dead Kennedys which people were still keen to ask about and hear about, even after all these years. He could have just buggered off home too, but wanted to stay and carry on the show, which is nice!

Not only is he a good speaker, he’s still got the old fire and he’s pissed off with the US government, the UK government and the war in Iraq in particular. I’m not going to go into detail, but I would urge you to go and see the show and pick up a copy of the spoken word album release whilst you’re at it. As I’ve already said, it’s very well put together and the content is very good. There’s a number of themes running through the material in the show, but the overwhelming point is Biafra’s complete distaste for the US political regime.