Music is Magic

Music is magic, it is an unexplainable force. Music is mankind’s greatest invention, a swirling swarm that resonates deep within us. It is no cheap trick or clever slight of hand, it is pure sorcery with a powerful pulse that can never be stopped. It may not feed us, carry us from home to workplace or cure fevers and pox but just listen! Please just listen!

Music is for everyone and can be accessed by all, whether hummed on a mountain top, played on a homemade instrument in a jungle village or pumped out across a muddy first world field at 200 decibels! Music has the power to immobilize armies and make the most cynical ponder. It conspires to make workaholics stop, small children to be calmed and sullen teenagers to smile.

Music can be worn as a cloak to help you hide from the troubles outside. It can be used to show love, anger, disappointment, pleasure, injustice and rage. It can mark a grand entrance or soften a sad departure. Music hovers, wraps it arms around us and sews magic in the depths of subconscious thinking.

Music has been proven to cure dementia, connecting neural pathways long since diverted, crumpled thoughts now straightened. We need music as much as we need food! Music is one of the few things that can unite us, bring different sides together. It softens edges and bristles emotions. It is a back drop to history, a wind of change when the Berlin wall came down; it marks our memories, helps to recall lighter days and allows reflection when the skies are dark. Music can symbolize truth or dishonour. It weaves and ducks, rises and dips, alone or in a crowd of thousands.

Music is ours, controlled by no-one, we can compose it and pass it on. A two note melody whistled while staring at the rain or a 100 piece orchestra striding forth in the world’s most expensive concert hall. Both are the same, both have the same effect. A seasoned violinist with a lifetimes training or a toddler tapping out a rhythm on a table top. Music is for rich and poor and I adore (it).