A couple of Sunday afternoons ago, I watched the movie Tyrannosaur. This film is something that is definitely not a fun afternoon of viewing but it is a very good film. With the two key protagonists turning in very powerful performances, this film is something that will definitely leave a lasting memory.

It’s a very simple film, that revolves around two lives that are each tough in their own differing ways and the story that brings them together. It’s a fairly straight forward story with some good twists. It’s definitely not a film to watch on your own if you’re feeling low. Peter Mullan and Oliva Colman (who has recently been on British terrestrial TV staring in the excellent Broadchurch mini-series) portray these lead roles but there is also a strong supporting cast including Eddie Marsan that results in believable supporting characters without them stealing the show.

I’m not going to say any more because I don’t want to give any of the plot and story away. Suffice to say, watch it.