The Nightmare Before Christmas – 2008

Curated by Mike Paton and the Melvins

Butlins, Minehead, 5 – 7 Dec 2008

Firstly, in case you didn’t know, Mike Patton used to be in a mighty fine band called¬†Faith No More. It’s been quite a long time since those days though, and the music that PAtton likes to make has changed somewhat since he was in Faith No more…

I’ll skip the chronolgy for now, I’ll probably get it wrong again. We turned up on the Friday, a little later than planned after I sat in bloody traffic for 6 hours! Still getting into the chalet was a smooth process once again and it wasn’t long before we were out watching some quality bands. This is THE way to run a festival if you ask me!

So on to the music…highlights of the weekend have to be Monotonix, The Melvins, Ghostigital, Fantomas and Dalek, amongst others. There was a definite mixture of heavy guitar bands (like Isis and The Melvins), more epic and somber bands (like The Black Heart Procession and Soulsavers), and heavily electronica-driven bands (like Dalek or Ghostigital).

Deserving a special mention, Monotonix¬†have a truly out of control live show…never seem anything like it before. The band set up right in the middle of where you’d normally find the pit at most punk shows I’ve been to. Drum kit there, and the guitarist and singer huddling round, then chaos ensued! It didn’t take long before the singer was riding across the crowd in a bin then being carried around playing the drums!