Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Wedgewood Rooms

Support:┬áCan’t remember!

We went to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Wedgewood Rooms on 28th June. I’ve heard of them and about them quite a few times before, but we really decided to go on the back of the film Dig, about this band and the Dandy Warhols, narrated by Corey Taylor from the Dandys.

The support band were fairly good, but ultimately unmemorable. When the BJM hit the stage though, you could feel the expectation in the air and I thought that the band delivered everything I could have hoped for. There was a certain charming shambles to the proceedings – frontman Aaron disappeared off stage twice during the gig, only to be retrieved by bandmates on both occasions.

The music was fantastic though, deceptively simple by incredibly layered and building up into an awesome wall of sound! I didn’t expect the music to be as uplifting as it was, but they were a great live experience and I’d recommend to anyone to go and see them if you get the chance!